pcpp::IPv4TimestampOptionValue Struct Reference

#include <IPv4Layer.h>

Public Types

enum  TimestampType { TimestampOnly = 0, TimestampAndIP = 1, TimestampsForPrespecifiedIPs = 2, Unknown = 3 }

Public Member Functions

void clear ()

Public Attributes

TimestampType type
std::vector< uint32_t > timestamps
std::vector< IPv4AddressipAddresses

Detailed Description

A struct representing a parsed value of the IPv4 timestamp option. This struct is used returned in IPv4OptionData::getTimestampOptionValue() method

Member Enumeration Documentation

An enum for IPv4 timestamp option types


Value containing only timestamps


Value containing both timestamps and IPv4 addresses


The IPv4 addresses are prespecified


Invalid or unknown value type

Member Function Documentation

void pcpp::IPv4TimestampOptionValue::clear ( )

Clear the structure. Clean the timestamps and IP addresses vectors and set the type as IPv4TimestampOptionValue::Unknown

Member Data Documentation

std::vector<IPv4Address> pcpp::IPv4TimestampOptionValue::ipAddresses

A list of IPv4 addresses parsed from the IPv4 timestamp option value

std::vector<uint32_t> pcpp::IPv4TimestampOptionValue::timestamps

A list of timestamps parsed from the IPv4 timestamp option value

TimestampType pcpp::IPv4TimestampOptionValue::type

The timestamp value type