pcpp::IpV4IDFilter Class Reference

#include <PcapFilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for pcpp::IpV4IDFilter:
pcpp::IFilterWithOperator pcpp::GeneralFilter

Public Member Functions

 IpV4IDFilter (uint16_t ipID, FilterOperator op)
void parseToString (std::string &result)
void setIpID (uint16_t ipID)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcpp::IFilterWithOperator
void setOperator (FilterOperator op)
- Public Member Functions inherited from pcpp::GeneralFilter
virtual ~GeneralFilter ()

Detailed Description

A class for filtering IPv4 traffic by IP ID field of the IPv4 protocol, For example: "filter only IPv4 traffic which IP ID is greater than 1234"
For deeper understanding of the filter concept please refer to PcapFilter.h

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

pcpp::IpV4IDFilter::IpV4IDFilter ( uint16_t  ipID,
FilterOperator  op 

A constructor that gets the IP ID to filter and the operator and creates the filter out of them

[in]ipIDThe IP ID to filter
[in]opThe operator to use (e.g "equal", "greater than", etc.)

Member Function Documentation

void pcpp::IpV4IDFilter::parseToString ( std::string &  result)

A method that parses the class instance into BPF string format

[out]resultAn empty string that the parsing will be written into. If the string isn't empty, its content will be overridden

Implements pcpp::GeneralFilter.

void pcpp::IpV4IDFilter::setIpID ( uint16_t  ipID)

Set the IP ID to filter

[in]ipIDThe IP ID to filter