pcpp::ip6_hdr Struct Reference

#include <IPv6Layer.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t trafficClass:4
uint8_t ipVersion:4
uint8_t flowLabel [3]
uint16_t payloadLength
uint8_t nextHeader
uint8_t hopLimit
uint8_t ipSrc [16]
uint8_t ipDst [16]

Detailed Description

Represents IPv6 protocol header

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t pcpp::ip6_hdr::flowLabel[3]

Flow label

uint8_t pcpp::ip6_hdr::hopLimit

Replaces the time to live field of IPv4

uint8_t pcpp::ip6_hdr::ipDst[16]

Destination address

uint8_t pcpp::ip6_hdr::ipSrc[16]

Source address

uint8_t pcpp::ip6_hdr::ipVersion

IP version number, has the value of 6 for IPv6

uint8_t pcpp::ip6_hdr::nextHeader

Specifies the type of the next header (protocol). Must be one of IPProtocolTypes

uint16_t pcpp::ip6_hdr::payloadLength

The size of the payload in octets, including any extension headers

uint8_t pcpp::ip6_hdr::trafficClass

Traffic class