pcpp::igmpv3_group_record Struct Reference

#include <IgmpLayer.h>

Public Member Functions

IPv4Address getMulticastAddress ()
uint16_t getSourceAdressCount ()
IPv4Address getSoruceAddressAtIndex (int index)
size_t getRecordLen ()

Public Attributes

uint8_t recordType
uint8_t auxDataLen
uint16_t numOfSources
uint32_t multicastAddress
uint8_t sourceAddresses []

Detailed Description

A block of fields containing information pertaining to the sender's membership in a single multicast group on the interface from which the Report is sent. Relevant only for IGMPv3 membership report messages

Member Function Documentation

IPv4Address pcpp::igmpv3_group_record::getMulticastAddress ( )
The multicast address in igmpv3_group_record::multicastAddress as IPv4Address instance
size_t pcpp::igmpv3_group_record::getRecordLen ( )
The total size in bytes of the group record
IPv4Address pcpp::igmpv3_group_record::getSoruceAddressAtIndex ( int  index)

Get the source address at a certain index

[in]indexThe index of the source address in the group record
The source address in the requested index. If index is negative or higher than the number of source addresses in this group record the value if IPv4Address::Zero is returned
uint16_t pcpp::igmpv3_group_record::getSourceAdressCount ( )
The number of source addresses in this group record

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t pcpp::igmpv3_group_record::auxDataLen

Contains the length of the Auxiliary Data field in this Group Record. A value other than 0 isn't supported

uint32_t pcpp::igmpv3_group_record::multicastAddress

Contains the IP multicast address to which this Group Record pertains

uint16_t pcpp::igmpv3_group_record::numOfSources

Specifies how many source addresses are present in this Group Record

uint8_t pcpp::igmpv3_group_record::recordType

Group record type

uint8_t pcpp::igmpv3_group_record::sourceAddresses[]

A vector of n IP unicast addresses, where n is the value in this record's Number of Sources field