pcpp::GeneralFilter Class Referenceabstract

#include <PcapFilter.h>

Inheritance diagram for pcpp::GeneralFilter:
pcpp::AndFilter pcpp::ArpFilter pcpp::EtherTypeFilter pcpp::IFilterWithDirection pcpp::IFilterWithOperator pcpp::NotFilter pcpp::OrFilter pcpp::ProtoFilter pcpp::TcpFlagsFilter pcpp::VlanFilter

Public Member Functions

virtual void parseToString (std::string &result)=0
virtual ~GeneralFilter ()

Detailed Description

The base class for all filter classes. This class is virtual and abstract, hence cannot be instantiated.
For deeper understanding of the filter concept please refer to PcapFilter.h

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual pcpp::GeneralFilter::~GeneralFilter ( )

Virtual destructor, does nothing for this class

Member Function Documentation

virtual void pcpp::GeneralFilter::parseToString ( std::string &  result)
pure virtual

A method that parses the class instance into BPF string format

[out]resultAn empty string that the parsing will be written into. If the string isn't empty, its content will be overridden

Implemented in pcpp::UdpLengthFilter, pcpp::TcpWindowSizeFilter, pcpp::TcpFlagsFilter, pcpp::VlanFilter, pcpp::ArpFilter, pcpp::ProtoFilter, pcpp::NotFilter, pcpp::OrFilter, pcpp::AndFilter, pcpp::EtherTypeFilter, pcpp::MacAddressFilter, pcpp::PortRangeFilter, pcpp::PortFilter, pcpp::IpV4TotalLengthFilter, pcpp::IpV4IDFilter, and pcpp::IPFilter.