pcpp::dnshdr Struct Reference

#include <DnsLayer.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t transactionID
uint16_t recursionDesired:1
uint16_t truncation:1
uint16_t authoritativeAnswer:1
uint16_t opcode:4
uint16_t queryOrResponse:1
uint16_t responseCode:4
uint16_t checkingDisabled:1
uint16_t authenticData:1
uint16_t zero:1
uint16_t recursionAvailable:1
uint16_t numberOfQuestions
uint16_t numberOfAnswers
uint16_t numberOfAuthority
uint16_t numberOfAdditional

Detailed Description

Represents the fixed part of the DNS header, meaning the part that doesn't include the DNS data (queries, answers, authorities and additional records)

Member Data Documentation

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::authenticData

Authenticated data flag

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::authoritativeAnswer

Authoritative answer flag

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::checkingDisabled

Checking disabled flag

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::numberOfAdditional

Number of additional records in packet

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::numberOfAnswers

Number of DNS answer records in packet

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::numberOfAuthority

Number of authority records in packet

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::numberOfQuestions

Number of DNS query records in packet

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::opcode

Operation Code

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::queryOrResponse

Query/Response flag

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::recursionAvailable

Recursion available flag

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::recursionDesired

Recursion desired flag

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::responseCode

Return Code

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::transactionID

DNS query identification

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::truncation

Truncated flag

uint16_t pcpp::dnshdr::zero

Zero flag (Reserved)