pcpp::dhcp_header Struct Reference

#include <DhcpLayer.h>

Public Attributes

uint8_t opCode
uint8_t hardwareType
uint8_t hardwareAddressLength
uint8_t hops
uint32_t transactionID
uint16_t secondsElapsed
uint16_t flags
uint32_t clientIpAddress
uint32_t yourIpAddress
uint32_t serverIpAddress
uint32_t gatewayIpAddress
uint8_t clientHardwareAddress [16]
uint8_t serverName [64]
uint8_t bootFilename [128]
uint32_t magicNumber

Detailed Description

Represents a DHCP protocol header

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t pcpp::dhcp_header::bootFilename[128]

BootP boot file name

uint8_t pcpp::dhcp_header::clientHardwareAddress[16]

Client hardware address, by default contains the MAC address (only 6 first bytes are used)

uint32_t pcpp::dhcp_header::clientIpAddress

Client IPv4 address

uint16_t pcpp::dhcp_header::flags

BootP flags

uint32_t pcpp::dhcp_header::gatewayIpAddress

Gateway IPv4 address

uint8_t pcpp::dhcp_header::hardwareAddressLength

Hardware address length, set to 6 (MAC address length) by default

uint8_t pcpp::dhcp_header::hardwareType

Hardware type, set to 1 (Ethernet) by default

uint8_t pcpp::dhcp_header::hops

Hop count

uint32_t pcpp::dhcp_header::magicNumber

DHCP magic number (set to the default value of 0x63538263)

uint8_t pcpp::dhcp_header::opCode

BootP opcode

uint16_t pcpp::dhcp_header::secondsElapsed

The elapsed time, in seconds since the client sent its first BOOTREQUEST message

uint32_t pcpp::dhcp_header::serverIpAddress

Server IPv4 address

uint8_t pcpp::dhcp_header::serverName[64]

BootP server name

uint32_t pcpp::dhcp_header::transactionID

DHCP/BootP transaction ID

uint32_t pcpp::dhcp_header::yourIpAddress

Your IPv4 address