pcpp::arphdr Struct Reference

#include <ArpLayer.h>

Public Attributes

uint16_t hardwareType
uint16_t protocolType
uint8_t hardwareSize
uint8_t protocolSize
uint16_t opcode
uint8_t senderMacAddr [6]
uint32_t senderIpAddr
uint8_t targetMacAddr [6]
uint32_t targetIpAddr

Detailed Description

Represents an ARP protocol header

Member Data Documentation

uint8_t pcpp::arphdr::hardwareSize

Hardware address length (HLEN). For IPv4, this has the value 0x0800

uint16_t pcpp::arphdr::hardwareType

Hardware type (HTYPE)

uint16_t pcpp::arphdr::opcode

Specifies the operation that the sender is performing: 1 (ARP_REQUEST) for request, 2 (ARP_REPLY) for reply

uint8_t pcpp::arphdr::protocolSize

Protocol length (PLEN). Length (in octets) of addresses used in the upper layer protocol. (The upper layer protocol specified in PTYPE.) IPv4 address size is 4

uint16_t pcpp::arphdr::protocolType

Protocol type (PTYPE). The permitted PTYPE values share a numbering space with those for EtherType

uint32_t pcpp::arphdr::senderIpAddr

Sender protocol address (SPA)

uint8_t pcpp::arphdr::senderMacAddr[6]

Sender hardware address (SHA)

uint32_t pcpp::arphdr::targetIpAddr

Target protocol address (TPA)

uint8_t pcpp::arphdr::targetMacAddr[6]

Target hardware address (THA)